Clown Gangs

I am reminded occasionally of a group of film gangs that are related in their scary, re-appropriated face paint. I think they all derive from the coulrophobia that runs through our veins.

The opening scene to The Dark Knight (2008) is the most recent clown gang I can think of.

Akira is the classic I measure all others against.

Akira’s Joker (ジョーカー) has a great upside down mouth in his early appearances.

The Warriors (1979) had two gangs that used face paint. The Hi-Hats were basically mimes.

The Baseball Furies, we’re a nice mash-up of New York Yankees and clown makeup.

Here’s the Furies in action.
The asymmetrical eye decoration of one of the Furies members is reminiscent of another face – young Alex from A Clockwork Orange (1971).

Here’s a gang fight from that film.

If you’re seeking inspiration for face make-up for a clown gang of your own, all clowns registered with Clowns International produce a painted egg to register their unique face painting – seems like a joke but isn’t :)

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