Museum Gamer Armouries

A way of linking the historical styles of clothing and armour that games designers use as inspiration back to museums and galleries that feature examples.

Digitise key pieces of armour, cloaks, hats, other clothing and weapons from a museum collection, and make them in to in-game character add-ons. Either as purely decorative items, or in collaboration with a games company give items in-game effects. Players collect armour by visiting the painting or display cabinet in which it is on display. They could download from a particular museum wifi access point, or scan a 2D barcode. It is possible to update the barcodes daily or even hourly to limit easy sharing beyond the gallery, and rely on finite inventory space in-game to prevent stockpiling of all the museum’s artefacts in one visit.

The digitisation process could be by traditional game asset artists, digital ironsmiths crafting digital versions of exhibits as part of the museum display, or even as day long workshops with groups of visitors. Model might be recreated from scratch, or made by cleaning up 3D scan data.

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