image sniffing in open wifi networks

response to a question about sniffing images out of thin air:



packet sniffing on open networks (no password) on unencrypted traffic (no https) is easy enough with the carnivore processing library, but re-assembling the individual files from the packets you collect is a little more involved.

etherpeg used to do this. and the wonderful Chris Lightfoot made a linux version called driftnet that did this too.

just googling for etherpeg now I came across this:

not tried it, but it seems like it could pull out images easily enough.

see also airpwn which uses two wifi cards in one computer to go a step further and replace images (in their case with goatse).

there’s another project which talked about replacing the text of news stories in cafes using the same principle:

protect yourself slightly from sniffing with https everywhere from the excellent EFF.

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