Lots of ways of reading something

My latest CX Lab post is “Reading Digital Public Space”, a reflection on some of the meanings I bring to the phrase ‘digital public space’.

Another reading I find is the relationship between the words. For example, we can think of the digital/public space, that is, with an emphasis on the space between the digital and the public. For me, this becomes a discussion focused on interfaces. The space between the digital and the public is a space of screen, announcements, sensors, buttons, and so on. By phrasing this as ‘public’ and not ‘user’ we have an interesting shift from ‘computer human interaction’ to ‘computers humans interactions’. Design for a crowd or an ecosystem of interaction.

We could carry on, ‘Digital Space’ makes me think of navigation, spatial metaphors, instant blur and infinite zoom. Taking single words: ‘Space’ evokes thoughts of storage, archives, memory, forgetting, limited vs infinite; ‘Digital’ for me is about digitisation, copying, connectivity, remapping, recursion and lowering costs; while ‘Public’ makes me think of doing things ‘in public’ in contrast with ‘in private’ and themes of fame and pop.

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Reading Digital Public Space

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