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O’Reilly Ignite Leeds speaker, Leeds May 2010

Invited speaker for O’Reilly Ignite Leeds 2010 – “a high-energy evening of 15 five-minute talks by people who have an idea”. My talk was on Digital Death and Virtual Suicideslides (pdf).

Ben speaking in front of corpse. Photo © Megan Smith

Here’s a nice write-up of the night from Phil, and the initial notes I wrote when planning the talk:

dead mac crash icon
ze frank’s religion game
no russia
suicide halo
business card roulette
uphill life pixel game
kill switch
bricking your phone == soul
why == afterlife or reincarnation
facebook suicide machine
blue screen of death

ARTiMELT participant, Leeds, Sheffield, London & Harrogate, Spring 2010

Selected member in the first ARTiMELT group – The Culture Company’s and Arts Council England’s new support programme for arts organisations and individuals based in Yorkshire, who “wish to develop knowledge and ideas with the purpose of producing proposals of strong creative media content for digital and social media funding programmes such as Channel 4’s 4iP programme, The Wellcome Trust’s Arts Award scheme and Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England”.

Included visits to We Love Technology, Lovebytes, V&A’s Decode, The Story and the Guardian Changing Media Summit, as well as a range of support and discussion sessions and a £1,500 development award to buy in expert consultancy to develop ideas.

Our City, Our Music launch, Leeds, Jun 2009

Culmination of a year long project in collaboration with Megan Smith and Ben Halsall. Launch evening, including a screening of all 11 films to the bands and filmmakers plus live performances from Cari Flower, Ellen & The Escapades and Breaking The Illusion. The following day GPS iPaqs available for people to explore the geolocated album, plus tours throughout the day starting from the Leeds Met Uni NTI building.