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Runeberg’s torte

This tasty little pastry (Runebergintorttu) is named after a Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804 – 1877) who is perported to have enjoyed one with coffee each morning. They are traditionally eaten running up to and on Johan’s birthday, 5 February.

runeberg tart

I jumped between a number of similar recipes while cooking these. What you end up with is a moist muffin with overtones of almond, cardamom and rum. The raspberry jam and lemon icing are a tasty addition too.

I’ve eaten two this evening already, cos I can’t wait until breakfast. And yes, I know, these are a day late, but there was no chance of concerted baking on a Friday.

If you want to know what Runeberg’s poetry sounds like, there’s a short recording of Rakastava as part of a multilingual librivox poetry collection.