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cooking using your own playlist for timings

chatting with a masters student today about her project in to multi-sensory cooking instructions for the ipad I was reminded of an idea I had jotted down years ago:

replace cooking times in recipes with songs from your music collection. so rather than “boil egg for 4 minutes 45 seconds”, it becomes “place egg in to water, hit play on ‘My 1st Song’ off The Grey Album, when it finishes, remove egg from water”. you could even generate the remaining instructions as text-to-speech audio tracks and make a whole playlist to cook by.

“place oiled vegetables in tray in the oven. listen to ‘3 Feet High and Rising’. remove from oven and serve.”

Nickanan Night

I decided to forego the knock-and run antics that give this Cornish event the Monday before Lent it’s name, and instead focus on the traditional meals that accompany the roguery. The options (according to wikipedia) were hearty pea soup or fresh seafood known as ‘trigg meat’.

I’ve been eyeing up the fresh mussels in the supermarket for a while now, so this seemed a good chance to give them a go. I went with the recipe on the packet: 1. clean beards and any dead mussels out. 2. add mussels, 1/3rd bottle white wine, 1/3 block of butter, a small carrot, leek, celery and onion – all chopped small, black pepper, bay leaf to a big pan. 3. with the lid on, bring to a boil over a high heat, and steam for 5 mins. 4. spoon out mussels and then reduce stock before pouring over.

Not quite the traditional Cornish cooking method I’m sure, but tasty all the same. Speaking of which, does anyone know the traditional UK ways to cook mussels?