niggle logging

discussing an extension of Fix My Street for campuses. there is an argument for increasing the number of reports by lowering the ‘cost’ of logging them, and also by lowering the threshold of importance from ‘problem’ to ‘niggle’. then insight can be sought from aggregates of the log rather than responding to each individual niggle.

suggestion for tag categories:

  • FTW – For The Win – positive observation
  • WTF? – What The Fuck? – confusion
  • FFS! – For Fuck Sake – frustration
  • (optional extra) Fail – totally broken (probably captured by FFS!)

logging by sharing photo with the app, or by launching the app and taking a photo to add context. advanced menu lets you add notes, and location, but not required. sniff location from wifi, bluetooth, etc. or add 2d barcodes to each room (light switch) or the underside/back of objects.


how to design in the ‘permission’ for others to fix problems logged that they can right away? perhaps the authority in the system publishes a plan even if they do not have the resources to fix. and the people can allocate themselves or others like bug trackers.

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