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Floral Genii – Everyday Daemons

gallery geniusYou will probably know many Floral Genii in your life, although children are usually better at seeing them than adults. They take their name from the floral prints and curtains in which many of them are found. But not all, by any means, are high-born of Morris prints, many more can be found in cheap shower curtains or tablecloths, and in natural forms like cut stone and peeling paint. Once you have spotted the face of a Floral Genius in your bedroom ceiling, or while staring at the wall in the bath, they are usually easy to see again. Floral Genii try to bring feelings of warmth and familiarity to rooms, whether they are floral or not.

This everyday daemon is documented as part of a contribution to the Hannah Festival 2014 Directory launch week.

China trip notes for a friend

Some thoughts on Beijing:

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And on Shanghai:

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You’ve seen this already, but here’s my photos:

I’d suggest considering a trip to Hangzhou from Shanghai (1 hour ish by busy, efficient, cheapish train) for the day, or stay over. It has a pretty lake. And apparently the trips to the tea growing areas are a nice day out.