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The Vengeful Printer Spirit – Everyday Daemons

Vengeful Printer SpiritIt is thought that all household printers (along with many corporate copy machines) contain at least one Vengeful Printer Spirit. These onryō are bent on violence towards all living things and wreaking havoc by causing earthquakes, fires, storms, drought, famine and pestilence. Luckily the Vengeful Printer Spirits are trapped in the two-dimensional world of the surface of printer rollers, and so are destined to spend eternity venting their anger in the form of corrupted print jobs and inaccurate toner level warnings. However, if you look closely on the print-outs of many printers, you can see tiny yellow stab marks from the spirits trying to break through in to our world. It is said that if you ever catch sight of a Vengeful Printer Spirit it will tempt you to place your hair or tie in to the printer rollers, you will be crushed horribly and your spirit will be sucked in to an eternal print roller limbo.

This everyday daemon is documented as part of a contribution to the Hannah Festival 2014 Directory launch week.